5 Moves to Help you Through a Job Market Recession

Resume Specialist and Recruiter, Kajal Bansal, offers up her top moves to help you get through a job recession.

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We cover why email etiquette is so important for your business and share 3 email myths and how to avoid them.

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Top 5 Tips to Help Name Your Business

Coming up with a name can be stressful. Use these tips we found helped us to name your business.


What Exactly is

Self Care?

Integrative Therapist, Amanda Carson, shares her perspective on what the new wellness trend, self care, truly means.

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Top 4 Ways to Support Small Businesses

Times are tough but we can still show support to our favourite local businesses. Find out how you can help!

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Are we personalizing a social problem? With guest writer and owner of Anchor Editorial Services, Jessica Antony.


Taking Your Business

on the Road

We share our top 5 tips to

consider before

travelling out of province

with your business.

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5 Podcast Listens

During Isolation

Time to take a break, get outside and listen to a podcast. Find our top 5 recommendations here!


Why your "pretty" website may be..

Costing you clients. Guest writer Jodi Neufeld explains why these sites might not be converting visitors into paying customers.


Passion Project

Turned Full Time Job

Learn how local photographer, Lynsey Corbett, took the leap going full time with her passion project. 

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Top 6 Home Office Decor Tips

Robyn and Emily, the interior designers who run re:design studio, offer up their top 6 tips when designing your office.

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How I Bought

My Business

Learn how this boutique shop owner, Kayla Wan, came to acquire her new business right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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How to Pitch to Investors

Giovanna Minenna, entrepreneur and coach, shares her advice on how to pitch to investors after her experience on Dragon's Den.


Tips On How To Network

This is for those of you who know you should, but hate networking. We're with you on that one! Read for more info.


How To Pick A Social Platform

We breakdown all of the social media platforms you can choose from to help promote your business.


Why You Should Attend A Workshop

The top 5 tips on why you should attend one of our Kinship Workshops created for small business owners.

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Meditation for Entrepreneurs

Sam Squire is here to share her top three reasons meditation can make you a more productive entrepreneur.


Stress and the Menstrual Cycle

Holistic registered coach, Courtney Rae Jones, shares why it's important to consider stress affecting your menstrual cycle.


The Experiential Store Trend

Find out which beauty conglomerate has embraced the experiential store trend and how they're doing it.


Fonts, Why You

Need to Care

Brand Designer, Kasia, explains why picking the right typeface for your brand is so


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