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Updated: Apr 3, 2019

You must have heard (why else would you be here?) how amazing our workshops are! Well the only reason we are tooting our own horn is because, the reasons they are so great has pretty much nothing to do with us!

1) The Amazing People You Will Meet

The Kinship workshops are an amazing place to meet like minded people! It could be someone who has a similar business to you, maybe they share the stresses of balance with you or who knows, maybe you both have the same interest in 90's movies and can finally find someone to have a movie night with. There are many people of many interests that show up to all our workshops and you could meet them all!

2) The Awesome Instructors You Will Learn From

We find some of not only the best, but the hidden gems, of business! We try to find instructors who not only have mastered their business, but also have a wide range of knowledge. From international clients to studying abroad, they know their stuff and will have more than an afternoon full of information for you.

3) The Wicked Cool Topics

You can find a workshop on almost anything related to business and design. From branding to law, wholesale to fashion photography, we will fill any need you have. You can expand your already awesome brain with insight on anything you might want to know, and the best part? If you want something we don't have, send us a request so we can arrange it for you! We love taking requests for workshops that will meet your needs!

4) The Business You Can Get

We have had multiple owners come to workshops and leave with lists of clients from networking. Finding people who you can collaborate with, maybe work for or work with is another plus to our workshops. This is not only an awesome opportunity for you to learn something but also the most painless and casual way to network. We've even had people find their calling and leave workshops with a new business!

And the last (but certainly not final) reason why you should attend a Kinship Workshop..

5) The Way Your Mind Will Expand

Come alone, take a step into something terrifying and new and leave with your own Kinship workbook and a new found confidence in your business. Being out of your comfort zone is the best way to move yourself forward. Putting yourself in new situations will help you try new things and get that assertive kick in the butt you need to move your business forward!

While there are many reasons why you should come to a workshop, we want you to come because it seems like the right thing for you. Your business and your growth are our main goal! If there is a course you want to take that we don't offer, let us know! And check out our winter schedule which we will be releasing next month!

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Instastories are a great way to capture your audience and increase engagement. Use these top 3 tips to help improve your next post!

Tag your location on instagram stories

1. Tag your location

By tagging your location,

you're story will be posted

into that locations separate

story which will be seen by

new viewers.

The more categories that your

post shows up in, the more

views your story will get!

By gathering more views,

your account will get more visits.

The more eyes on your post,

the better!

Tag anyone else involved in your instagram story

2. Tag Anyone Else Involved in Your Post

Are you collaborating with anyone

in the post your about to make?

Make sure you tag them!

Are there any brands that you

are using in the post your

about to make?

Tag them!

There is a good chance that

someone will re-post your story

to theirs. Instagram has made

sharing very easy now.

And make sure if you get tagged,

to do the same!

Add in an interactive component to your instagram story

3. Add in an Interactive Component

Instastories are great because

of how quick and easy they are

but they're also great because of

you can interact with your audience.

Take it to the next level

and make your next post more

engaging for your audience.

Add in something interactive

like a poll, have them ask

you a question or rate

something using the slider option!

The more engaged your audience is,

the more invested they'll be in your


Tag us in your next Instagram story if any one of these tips were helpful!

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This week we have invited Zephyra Vun, Executive Director of the DQ, to give us some insight into the incredible things the Design Quarter team is doing for downtown Winnipeg through their organization.

By: Zephyra Vun, September 19, 2018

Design quarter winnipeg executive director Zephyra Vun

DESIGN QUARTER WINNIPEG is a curated destination experience within a walkable area of central Winnipeg, creating a community of authentic, local retail and design culture. We are a non-profit, member-based organization aimed at providing an accessible resource for design-conscious consumers and local businesses to experience and connect with Winnipeg's central hub of creative and innovative destinations!

Come experience a diverse range of design culture across Winnipeg’s downtown communities, including the historic Exchange District, The Forks, and SHED district. As a design-conscious consumer visiting central Winnipeg (as a local or a tourist), you are able to pick up a map, follow us via social media, visit our website to check out member profiles, blog features, special events, or navigate our interactive, online map via GPS to pinpoint all of the authentic, local, design-driven experiences our city has to offer! You can expect to take in the best in our city's local design retailers/studios, restaurants, fashion boutiques, art galleries, cultural events and much more by participating in the Design Quarter's curated experience. Our connected community of creative retailers and makers are highlighted in this one, navigable and walkable area of diverse design culture.

Design Quarter Downtown Winnipeg window decals

All of our members are unique, local businesses within our downtown, who embody a strong

focus and leading standard in design culture. They represent the most creative and

authentic, Winnipeg experiences. Having just launched in May 2017, we are already up to 50


Design Quarter Downtown launch day

Over Design Quarter’s relatively short existence, we have established a strong presence in the downtown community. In addition to a steadily growing membership base, we have hosted several major events including an immersive and interactive pop-up market, member networking events, numerous public and media tours, and an anniversary celebration complete with pop-up lounge, local eats, and live music from inside a shipping container in the Exchange District’s Old Market Square! We have also more recently teamed up with local organizations to promote cultural and design-related events and activities within the Quarter. Collaborating with entities like the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Border Crossings Magazine, The Forks Warming Huts, the Kinship Studio, Mode Shift Festival, and many more allows us to further promote our downtown as an active and vibrant place to be.

Design quarter downtown winnipeg media tour

Ultimately, the goal of Design Quarter Winnipeg is to create awareness, provide support, and facilitate diverse connections amongst Winnipeg’s talented, creative community. As is evident by the positive response we’ve received, this progressive initiative comes at no better time. It builds off the foundation of Winnipeg’s growing status of an arts, design, and culture hub, the importance of supporting local, and investing in downtown development and walkability.

Design Quarter Winnipeg Anniversary Party downtown

Design is a culture in and of itself; it is a way of life. Our city and beyond craves exactly what Design Quarter Winnipeg offers - an accessible, consumer-focused perspective of design, and its many integrations and applications. Our long-term goal is to see even more local design entrepreneurs situate themselves in our downtown area, and provide the support needed to thrive. In this cyclical manner, we provide the benefit of an accessible, connective platform to both the public and our unique, Winnipeg businesses. Connecting these different groups fosters the cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration amongst various disciplines integral to innovation.

It is through connection and innovation that Design Quarter Winnipeg hopes to not only ignite, but sustain a dialogue about the importance of design culture in our everyday lives.

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