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Top 3 Tips to Boost Your Next Instagram Story

Instastories are a great way to capture your audience and increase engagement. Use these top 3 tips to help improve your next post!

Tag your location on instagram stories

1. Tag your location

By tagging your location,

you're story will be posted

into that locations separate

story which will be seen by

new viewers.

The more categories that your

post shows up in, the more

views your story will get!

By gathering more views,

your account will get more visits.

The more eyes on your post,

the better!

Tag anyone else involved in your instagram story

2. Tag Anyone Else Involved in Your Post

Are you collaborating with anyone

in the post your about to make?

Make sure you tag them!

Are there any brands that you

are using in the post your

about to make?

Tag them!

There is a good chance that

someone will re-post your story

to theirs. Instagram has made

sharing very easy now.

And make sure if you get tagged,

to do the same!

Add in an interactive component to your instagram story

3. Add in an Interactive Component

Instastories are great because

of how quick and easy they are

but they're also great because of

you can interact with your audience.

Take it to the next level

and make your next post more

engaging for your audience.

Add in something interactive

like a poll, have them ask

you a question or rate

something using the slider option!

The more engaged your audience is,

the more invested they'll be in your


Tag us in your next Instagram story if any one of these tips were helpful!

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