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Top 5 Reasons to Come to a Kinship Workshop

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

You must have heard (why else would you be here?) how amazing our workshops are! Well the only reason we are tooting our own horn is because, the reasons they are so great has pretty much nothing to do with us!

1) The Amazing People You Will Meet

The Kinship workshops are an amazing place to meet like minded people! It could be someone who has a similar business to you, maybe they share the stresses of balance with you or who knows, maybe you both have the same interest in 90's movies and can finally find someone to have a movie night with. There are many people of many interests that show up to all our workshops and you could meet them all!

2) The Awesome Instructors You Will Learn From

We find some of not only the best, but the hidden gems, of business! We try to find instructors who not only have mastered their business, but also have a wide range of knowledge. From international clients to studying abroad, they know their stuff and will have more than an afternoon full of information for you.

3) The Wicked Cool Topics

You can find a workshop on almost anything related to business and design. From branding to law, wholesale to fashion photography, we will fill any need you have. You can expand your already awesome brain with insight on anything you might want to know, and the best part? If you want something we don't have, send us a request so we can arrange it for you! We love taking requests for workshops that will meet your needs!

4) The Business You Can Get

We have had multiple owners come to workshops and leave with lists of clients from networking. Finding people who you can collaborate with, maybe work for or work with is another plus to our workshops. This is not only an awesome opportunity for you to learn something but also the most painless and casual way to network. We've even had people find their calling and leave workshops with a new business!

And the last (but certainly not final) reason why you should attend a Kinship Workshop..

5) The Way Your Mind Will Expand

Come alone, take a step into something terrifying and new and leave with your own Kinship workbook and a new found confidence in your business. Being out of your comfort zone is the best way to move yourself forward. Putting yourself in new situations will help you try new things and get that assertive kick in the butt you need to move your business forward!

While there are many reasons why you should come to a workshop, we want you to come because it seems like the right thing for you. Your business and your growth are our main goal! If there is a course you want to take that we don't offer, let us know! And check out our winter schedule which we will be releasing next month!

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