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Top 5 Tips to Help You Name Your Business

Picking a name for your new business can be tough. Use these tips to help you!

Picking a name for your business can be as simple as “I always thought I would have a pickle store called Pete’s Pickles, because I’m Pete!” or it can be as hard as “ok but if I wanted to buy artisan beets from someone would I buy from Beets Me or The Beet Goes On” and then you cry about it for six months because you don’t know. Naming a business is hard, you plan to put your entire life's worth into this business and for the business to be memorable. The name is everything and well all know it, which is why it can be so hard to pick a name. We rounded up our top 5 tips to help you come up with the best name for your blossoming business.




1. Type of Name

First off, think of the kind of name you want; start with the basics. Do you want it to be one word, do you love the idea of two words, maybe a full sentence? If you have a long name, are you prepared for people to shorten it based off convenience? Knowing the general direction you want to go in will help stream line and organize your thought process.


2. Meaning

Is this name going to have soul and intention or do you want it to be more direct and descriptive? The name doesn’t have to have any association with the service or product you're offering, it can be as simple as descriptive wording. “Chloe’s Marketing Agency” is just as good as the name “Sunshine Marketing”. Maybe your business is more creative and you want that to shine through in the name so potential customers have an emotional pull toward your business when they hear it.


3. Availability

A very quick way to see what name won’t work is by checking if it's still available. Do a quick google search, check all of your social media channels before you go to register the name. If there are 20 accounts with that same name on Instagram, maybe that one is too saturated. Do your research to make sure the name you like isn't exhausted already (or used by someone else who is already established, especially if they have a similar customer base).


4. Name Game

One of the best ways to come up with a name is to get your creative juices flowing. Write out two lists; one with adjectives and another with verbs. Let's say you're a yin yoga instructor trying to brand your business, some adjectives you might use would be calm, quiet, relaxing and a few nouns would be yoga, meditation and class. Now pairing them up: "Calm Yoga”, “Quiet Meditation” “Calming Classes by Sue”, etc. Go through the lists and see if this sparks anything. Maybe even plan a get together with some friends and turn it into a fun little evening of brainstorming.


5. Sleep on it

If you think you found a winner, sleep on it. Say it out loud.  Ask people what they think. Write it down.  When you go to use a similar product or service, say the name out loud when you do, imagine how it would feel as your own business you're considering so you can really see how it relates. Make sure it's easy to pronounce and spell, you want the name to be clear to potential clients.


The name part can be stressful but make sure you keep it an enjoyable experience. This is a big step for you in your journey to becoming an entrepreneur! It’s one of the many things that's fun about running a business and it’s important to remember that although it can be overwhelming, you're on the start of something exciting!

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