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What Exactly is Self Care?

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves.
Guest post by: Amanda Carson

Call it what you want. Taking care of ourselves is one of the most, if not the most important thing we can do in our lifetime.

This means that we are mindful of paying attention to ourselves and our needs in any given moment. It is important to consider our whole self when practicing this.

Physical, Emotional and Psychological

Let’s consider our physical self. It is important to move our bodies in ways that feel good and empowering. There is unlimited value in allowing our bodies’ time to rest through sleep and stillness. We must nourish our bodies with healthy foods and stay hydrated. Engaging in pleasure through sex and physical touch is beneficial in maintaining our wellness on many levels.

There’s also our psychological/emotional self, where we engage in learning new things, moving from an intrinsically motivated place. We pay attention to our thoughts and how they create our reality we live in. We can learn to manage stress and have compassion for ourselves and others through modalities such as yoga, breathing techniques and journaling.

We as human beings are social creatures, we were never meant to do this thing called life alone. It is important to connect with one another, practice active listening, and build relationships and a sense of community. Surrounding ourselves with a positive support system as much as possible and living from an empathetic place will serve us in our relationships with others.

We can benefit from being more aware of our professional/financial self. Using our strengths in the work we do, engaging in meaningful work of service that inspires us daily, along with awareness of our financial situation. We can learn how to be responsible with our finances and develop a positive relationship to the exchange of money for services.








At the core of our being, our spiritual self requires times of stillness, to just be, as the name “human beings” states. We engage from a purposeful place where we know we are enough. We pursue our goals, spend time in nature, meditate, pray and reflect on what brings us joy and what we are grateful for.

These practices are lifelong. It is important that we fill ourselves up before we send our energy outward. Perhaps we were never taught how to love and care for ourselves, but it is so important that we begin to learn and trust that we are worth it.


Amanda Carson - Therapist and Coach

Alternative  & Holistic Health Service

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