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5 Moves to Help You Through a Job Market Recession

From certified Resume Specialist and Recruiter, Kajal Bansal

Guest post by: Kajal Bansal

1. Get Fresh Feedback on Your Resume:


Because we write our resumes from our own experience and perspective, it’s natural to feel as though we are conveying the experience in a way that’s both clear and concise. However, when someone else takes an outside, objective look at the document, they may feel differently. For example, resumes sometimes contain abbreviations or other company-specific information that an outside person may not know, or broadly describe an experience that may not be entirely clear.

Most importantly, an outside person may ask you follow up questions to your bullet points that can help you dig deeper into your work experience and extract more relevant and detailed experiences to share.


Whether it’s a professional resume writer or just a friend, having a fresh set of eyes on your resume gives you the objective look you just might need! 

2. Be Flexible and Open Minded About New Opportunities: 

There’s a good chance that some of the skills you’ve acquired in your current job can be transferred to other industries and roles. If you’re seeing layoffs in your line of work, look to see if there is job growth in other areas that can use your skill set. 


For example, if you’re a Sales Associate from the retail industry who has a lot of customer service experience,  maybe you could consider a Customer Sales Rep position for the technology industry instead.  


Think about what your transferable skills are and showcase them in the top portion of your resume so that it’s one of the first things recruiters see. Then, think broadly about what areas you can apply these skills to - you may end up in a role or industry you enjoy even more! 

3. Use the Downturn to Turn Up Future Job Search Success:

While there’s a downturn, look up the qualifications and certifications that are required in your dream job. Register yourself for these courses and add them to your resume with the expected completion date. 


 Whether it’s an introductory coding class, a certification to teach English abroad/online or a course in Microsoft Excel, now is a great time to enroll yourself into courses that will set you up for success in the future.


4. Make Them Feel Like The One: 

Employers want to feel as though you’re applying for a job with them because you are genuinely interested in that job and their company. As you apply for jobs, be sure to tailor your application to convey that message. Take the time to find things that draw you to the company and role and then customize your application to incorporate those elements! 


Try to avoid the shotgun approach of mass applying - it often shows and rarely yields a successful outcome. 

5. Don’t Give Up On Your Search:  

It’s easy to get discouraged from all of the news headlines on massive layoffs across the nation and the world, but do not let this stop you from applying for jobs! Although there are areas of decline, this pandemic has created growth in others. By giving up on your job search until after the pandemic, you are opening up the opportunity to allow other candidates with similar skill sets fill the roles that are open now. Don’t miss out on the opportunities available - keep active in your search!

Happy job hunting!

Kajal Bansal

Certified Resume Specialist and Recruiter and owner of Spark Career Co.









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