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NEW! Introducing the

Kin Package Program for rentals.


Purchase a rental pass and you can buy in bulk and use the hours whenever you want! 

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What is the Kin Rental Package Program?

The Kin Rental Package Program is simply a way for you to save money for your business and book time slots at a time that is convenient for you. You can purchase rental hours in bulk and use them when it's right for you.


When you purchase a ten hour pass, you can use one hour a week for ten weeks or maybe 2 hours every other week. The 5 and 10 hour passes are offered at a lower hourly rate than if you bought a 1 hour pass.

Scroll down to find out exactly what's included when you join!

What's included in the

Kin Rental Package?

  • EXCLUSIVE access to studio/photography lights 

  • EXCLUSIVE access to our NEW paper backdrop available in Black and Beige

  • Discounted hours for your business when purchased in bulk

  • Wifi access while at the studio

  • Access to all of our props 

  • Access to pillows/rugs and studio plants

  • Access to tables 

  • Access to all 7 types of seating options

Book your first hour by clicking the link below! To book your remaining hours, please contact us directly at

5 hours: $200 (you save $15/hr)

10 hours: $380 (you save $17/hr)

*The space is available on a first come first serve basis. We cannot be held responsible for your time not being available. There are no refunds and unused time will not be paid out. Must use within our studio hours.

Please note that we are in a communal building and you may hear noise from time to time.

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