Studio Rentals



Here are the new rules going forward:

  • We will be running the studio at 25% capacity

  • Personal shoots can have 1 photographer plus up to 5 household members

  • Professional shoots can have 1 photographer plus up to 5 members of the same business

  • There will now be 15 minutes between each rental to ensure time for us to clean and sanitize the studio and so that there is no overlap between groups coming through.

  • We’ll have the sink set up with a hand washing station for you to use as often as you want.

  • We’ll leave out our cleaning products in case you’d like to use them while you’re there.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

You can book online using the link in our bio.

Our studio is space that we want to share with our Kin Community.

You can rent our space out for things like photo shoots, pop up shops, events and workshops.

Rental Rates

Any set up and take down necessary for your rental is your responsibility during your slotted time. Please make sure to leave the space looking exactly as it was when you came in and be respectful to the furniture in the studio.

Rates start at $55/hr for 1 hour 

$45/hr for 2 hours

$40/hr for 3 hours

See our booking service below for more rates (including GST).


You are allowed to use the furniture that is left out in the room. This includes our pink couch, wicker chairs, wood tables and bench, long working

tables and additional chairs. 

(Please be respectful toward the furniture, you wouldn't stand on your couch at home with shoes on so please don't do that here. The furniture is there for everyone to enjoy so we need it to last!)

The studio space is 1300 sq ft. with high ceilings, 3 large windows overlooking the Exchange with plenty of natural light and includes a kitchenette and a bathroom down the hall. We have 3 feature walls - pink, navy and plywood. We are located in the Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg at 310-70 Albert St. Studio hours are 11-5pm Wednesday- Sunday unless otherwise approved.

Please note, we are on the 3rd floor of our building and there is no elevator access.

*NEW* 5 & 10 Hour Packages

We created these Hourly Rental Packages so that you can customize when you want to use the hours. Instead of having to use all 5 hours booked at once, you can use them in 1 hour, maybe 2 hour increments. Perfect for creating consistent content for your business or hosting a 2 part series workshop. We offer the Hourly Rental Packages in

5 and 10 hour packs.

You also get EXCLUSIVE access to our paper backdrops and studio lights.

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Ready to rent our space? 

Please use the online booking system below!

If you have any questions or special requests,

please email us at

*Please fill out the notes section with what

you'll be using the space for when booking.

**All rentals are subject to review.


Please contact us at if you have questions


310-70 Albert St. in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District. We are the pink door on the 3rd floor.

*please note there is no elevator access*

Find us by clicking here!

For a full studio tour, visit us on Instagram and watch our Studio Tour Highlight!

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