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Check out our drag and drop, customizable Media Kit!Are you a blogger or a business owner? Are you ready to take the next step with your business and reach out to brands to line up potential collborations? Or maybe you've already been contacted by brands that you'd love to work with. If so, firstly congratulations! Now it's time to get to work by creating your own Media Kit that you can send out that looks polished, shares all of the information that brands are looking for and to show off all of your accomplishments! 


This media kit includes:

  • Sara's style format
  • Canva format (go to or simply click the link you receive after you purchase)
  • 8 customizable pages with drag and drop features to add in your branded photos
  • Every topic that you need to cover to impress any potential partnerships
  • Customized font for this style
  • Customized colour story for this style 

Customizable Media Kit - Sara's Style

  • Please note that all contents of this interactive media kit is the intelectual property of The Kinship Studio and is not to be distributed for profit after purchase.

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