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Do you want to have your amazing illustration made into a killer pin for The Kinship Studio? Then this is the contest for you! It's super easy and full of fun for everyone!  

Here is what we need from you:

  1. Take a look at our cool pink couch (it's all over our site and social media, we're slightly obsessed).

  2. Take a moment to absorb the cuteness of it, we's great.

  3. Draw a single image of the couch - your interpretation of it and what it represents (like all the awesome business owners who sit on it and share their stories)

  4. Send us a JPEG of your illustration at and we will add it to our site on this page where the community will vote for their favourite.  Submissions must be entered by​​ June 29th.

  5. Market the hell out of your art work. Share it on social media, tell your friends, your mom, your dog...get everyone to vote for your work by sending them to our website to vote! 

  6. Bask in the feeling that you are awesome and wait for voting to happen.

Here is what you get:

  1. Your illustration will be made into a wicked cute, soft enamel pin 

  2. $100

  3. A 5 class pass to use at any of our Kinship Workshops

  4. A FREE 2 hour rental at the Kinship Studio

  5. 1 night staycation at the Alt Hotel

  6. Full on bragging rights 

*Winner of this contest will need to sign a contract to submit the rights to

The Kinship Studio. All credit will be paid to winner.

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