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Do I Really Need My Own Email Address?

Why it's important that you get a personalized address for your business

You check out other businesses all the time; have you noticed they have their own email address? Something fun and clever like or maybe it's pretty generic like No matter the feeling and flow, they all have their own business name with it. ​There are so many things you have to think about when starting your business that you might feel like getting your own email is something that can wait. Why not just do in the mean time. People will understand right? After all, it's all going to the same place so what's the difference?





Having your own branded email address can actually open up a lot of doors for your business. It will increase people's buying confidence when they're on your site as well as up your brand image to new customers. We thought you might need some convincing so here are a few reasons why domain email is important! 

1. Because you are a real business

You run a real business, you put your real money and real time into it, so why make it look like a side project that might fill your customers needs or might not. Having a professional domain email helps people know your business isn't a scam (it takes a couple steps to verify your business email, ensuring your business is legit) and also psychologically helps to ease their decision if they haven't ordered from you before. 

2. You are probably already paying for it anyway

Getting your own domain doesn't require monthly payments! Chances are your web host has one built into your price and you aren't even using it. And if they don't have one, you can get a free one pretty easily (you will have to pay once you hit a certain number of accounts or if you need a huge amount of space for saving documents, old emails, etc) with companies like Zoho Mail. 

4. People know your business right away

Sounds funny but people unrelated to your business will see a and not look twice, but if there is a, people get interested into what the business is. Your web address is right there every time you send an email and you never know who's office manager, program director or customer service agent could be your next client. It's free marketing and pretty passive one at that!

It might seem like it doesn't matter or yo think that people don't care, but in realize, image is very important in the world of marketing. How your brand yourself, present your business and advertise is all key to your success! 

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